Pokémon GO Releases Newest Version, Pretty Much Changes Made


Some time ago, features ‘three footprint’ whose function is to keep track of our location within Pokémon suddenly unusable. Footprint is always spawns 3 ‘trail’ for all Pokemon. Of course, this makes us confusion to find out which Pokémon are closest to us.

In this version of Pokémon GO 0.31.0, Niantic eliminate the Footprint feature, so the player can only see the image of the Pokémon nearby course.


There are many other changes in this update, mainly customizable avatars for the players who initially presented at the beginning of the character creation, is currently available in the Profile menu. So you can change the color and style of clothing in accordance with the team you choose

pokemon-2 pokemon-3

And there were minor changes in the form of a message that appears at the beginning of each session is instructed that when playing Pokémon GO, players are reminded not to enter into a dangerous area. Then in the detail view Pokémon underwent little change, with a new button on the lower right containing the Transfer feature and Favorite. Here is the complete list of the changes and additional features in the latest version:

1. Avatar can be adjusted from the menu Trainer profile
2. Raising points of damage for some Pokémon
3. Improved memory problems
4. Removal Footprint on the ‘Nearby Pokémon’
5. Modification of calculation points of damage to the Battle Gym
6. Various bug fixes wild Pokémon
7. Update repulse detail Pokémon
8. Update picture achievements / medals
9. Improved minor text

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