Here’s How to Request PokéStop and Gym Jump to Niantic


Often the passage of time not only Pokémon in the search by the trainer, the trainer was more in need of PokéStop and Gym for the sustainability of their game, let alone possessed PokéStop or gym is very close to where they live so when going to pick up some items in PokéStop or for battle in the gym did not have to walk far anymore. Niantic recently providing a form for us to be able to make a request PokéStop and Gym.


How the First Instance is to visit this url

In it we will be faced with forms that we must fill, form with a red asterisk * it means mandatory content, while there is no sign that we can empty it.

Your email address *: Fill in the email to log in to the Pokémon GO
Subject *: The subject will be sent
Additional info / reason for your request *: Contains additional information to request that we ask
Reason *: Choose No PokéStops or gym near me or PokéStop / Gym does not exist
Type: This field may be in clear or we select a single
Exact name of PokéStop *: Name of PokéStop we are going to request
Address of the PokéStop / Gym *: Fill in the address you are going to be the place PokéStop / Gym
Latitude / Longitude of the PokéStop / Gym (optional): The contents are optional so it can be filled can not, if you want the contents we must include latitude and longitude of the location PokéStop / Gym we want to make

Attachments: Attach a photo of a place that will be PokéStop / Gym

Now that the request you want to approve or approved following is criteria place

  • Places that have historical value
  • Having a unique design or shape
  • The place is often visited by many people such as malls, places of worship or the main city square

With the existence of this request so it can be easier for us to play Pokémon GO, do not walk away we could find PokéStop / Gym. Have a nice play.

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