Easy Ways to Increase EXP and Level with Pidgey


Pidgey is a Pokemon that can easily be found in various places, whether urban or rural. Not infrequently with the large number of Pidgey the players prefer not to arrest or transfer to the Professor. But wait, with the number of Pidgey very many turns you can use to get XP and level up quickly. Here are tips and tricks to earn XP and level up quickly with Pidgey.


The first catch 4 Pidgey, you will get 400 XP and 12 Candy. Furthermore, the evolution of one Pidgey be Pidgeotto, then you will get 500 XP bonus Pokemon evolve. By this you already get 900 XP, if you completely throw the ball when catching Pidgey then you will get a total of 1,300 XP. To get more XP you can use the Lucky Egg will double XP to 2x more.

With this trick you will quickly rise level by utilizing a very easy Pidgey you meet. Happy hunting Pidgey.

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